• DAY 1: Thursday May 16 (Therapists) 9am-4:15pm

    DAY 1 is designated for for therapists and other professionals who would like in-depth knowledge about MSEs and how to initiate the processes that incorporate these methods into their practice. We will go through different disciplines as well as diagnoses; autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s, sensory processing disorders, & physical disabilities.

  • DAY 2: Friday May 17 (Educators) 9am-4:15pm

    DAY 2 is designated for educators, focusing on how MSEs and other sensory interventions can help to prevent sensory overload and its effects, and how to support and interact with different types of sensory issues. We will illustrate different scenarios and suggest various methods that can be used for creating a sense of balance to inspire continued learning.

  • DAY 3: Saturday May 18 (Caregivers & Family Members) 9am-4:15pm

    DAY 3 is designated for for caregivers & family members interested in discovering new ways of communicating and engaging with their loved ones. You will receive the foundation of Snoezelen® -MSE, be introduced to the basic design concept and application of sensory items, and learn methods for engaged processes for enriching relationships.


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If you must cancel your paid registration, or cannot or do not attend the workshop, the following refund options will apply:

(1) The registered participant may invite another person to substitute their place in the workshop (in which they are registered) at any time at no charge;

(2) If notice is received fewer than 14 days from the scheduled start date, we regretfully can not offer a refund;

(3) If notice is received 15 or more days from the scheduled start date, a 50% refund will be offered.


Ad Verheul, co-founder of Snoezelen, senior Snoezelen advisor at Hartenberg Centre in the Netherlands;

Maurits Eijgendaal, President of International Snoezelen-MSE Association (ISNA- MSE); Maurits introduced Snoezelen-MSE in Scandinavia in the 1980’s, and constructed a state-of-the-art snoezelen center in 2009. He travels around the world, teaching the Snoezelen approach. Recent travels include Quebec, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

Dr. Anthony M. McCrovitz, Executive Director, Quality of Life Institute, Inc., Board Member of ISNA-MSE, President, Indiana Professional Counseling Foundation (IPCF);

Karen Pool, General Manager, TFH USA, consultant, designer and supplier of multi-sensory environments;


Location for the workshops: The HOPE Learning Center of Pittsburgh, 12300 Perry Highway, Suite 100, Wexford, Pennsylvania.

Produced by Quality of Life Institute, Inc., in Partnership with: Globe Star, LLC, TFH USA Multi Sensory Environments, the International Snoezelen Association (ISNA-MSE.org). 

Each day includes, snacks, coffee/tea/water;  A one-hour will lunchtime will be scheduled; you are welcome to pack a lunch or visit one of many local eateries that are within walking distance of The HOPE Learning Center. 

8 CEU's can be earned for each day of training. For those wanting to fulfill continuing education requirements, 8 CEU credits or PGP points are available for each workshop day. Certificates of Attendance will be issued by the International Snoezelen Association (ISNA-MSE).


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Use CONTACT FORM or email Mara Hawks (mhawks@qualityoflifeinstitute.org) or Karen Pool (karen@tfhusa.com )